Cat and Mouse Sandwich

by Micki Barzilay
(Novato, CA, USA)

cat cookie cutter for cat sandwich, egg mice with cheese, and radish mouse

cat cookie cutter for cat sandwich, egg mice with cheese, and radish mouse

Look what's for lunch - it's the cat and the mouse!

You will need for cat sandwich:

sliced whole wheat bread
sliced turkey breast (best to be organic & nitrate free if possible)
sliced cheddar cheese
Romaine lettuce
Plus: a cat shaped cookie cutter that will fit onto the slice of bread

Use the cat shaped cookie cutter to cut two identical pieces of bread.

Put mayo on the inside of the two cookie cut pieces of bread. Then layer the turkey, cheese, and lettuce between the pieces. Be sure you keep the filling inside the borders.

Ingredients for mouse garnish:

1 egg
1 black olive
1 radish
2 fresh chives
1 tiny Swiss cheese wedge

Now make a radish mouse garnish or an egg and radish mouse to accompany your sandwich.

As a garnish, cut radish bottom lengthwise. On one end cut a notch on each side of radish head. Using the cut bottom, cut two small pieces for ears which will insert into each notch. You can use tiny raisins or olive pieces for eyes. Be sure you use a radish with a tail.

Or you can accompany your cat sandwich using a hard boiled egg for the mouse's body, chive tails, radish ears, and olive eyes.

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Sep 17, 2010
by: mary

This looks like a really good recipe. I'll have to try it! I like how it is really creative and how you have used cookie cutters to make it in the shape of cat and mouse. Good Job :)

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