Bonnie's Strawberry Ice Cream Pie

by Bonnie , 12 years old
(Richmond, B.C. Canada)

I created this recipe by myself when I was feeling hungry and bored. :) enjoy! I hope you like it.

You need:

1 tub strawberry ice cream
1 tub or can whipped cream
fresh strawberries, cut in half (as many as you want)
1 pie crust (any kind will do)


Get a bowl and mix the strawberries with the whipped cream, enough of both to have a creamy strawberry mixture. Spread a layer of ice cream onto the pie crust, about 1 cm thick.

Next, spread some of the whipped cream mixture on top of the ice cream, only a thin layer about 1/2 cm thick. Spread another layer of ice cream, then another layer of whipped cream mixture.

Depending how tall or big your pie crust is, repeat this and stop when you fill it all up. Make more whipped cream mixture if you don't have enough. For the last layer, do not add the whipped cream mixture. Instead, squirt your whipped cream to make a small mountain on the pie. Add additional strawberries.

Freeze for about 1 hour or more.

Cut into 8 slices and serve! Enjoy! It is very yummy. :)

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May 01, 2011
by: Bonnie

Um, Bennat, Bonnie is a girl name.. I am a girl, thank you very much!

Apr 29, 2011
Keep it up
by: Bennat

Creative boy

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