Best Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Karsyn
(Simi Valley,CA,USA)

Easy to make and yummy!

1 cup of peanut butter
1 cup of sugar
half a cup of chocolate chips
1 egg

Mix ingredients together. Put in fridge for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 325F degrees. Roll into balls and place on cookie sheet at least 2 inches apart. Keep in the oven about 18 minutes (less for more moist cookies).

Makes about 12-15 cookies.

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Apr 06, 2011
2nd time making turned out even better than the 1st!
by: Marg s

Incredibly simple but so very good. I made 4 batches today, 2 with creamy PB (for the first time) and 2 with crunchy PB. Both were spectacularly successful again.

strawberryshortcake - I had my doubts before I tried the recipe too. The egg binds the ingredients and the sugar dries out the mix a bit so it forms a wetter dough that is easy to handle. I use a spoon to take the mix out, then roll into a ball with wet hands so that nothing sticks. Re wet your hands after about 3 balls of dough. I use a wet fork to slightly flatten the cookies and put the classic PB cookie marks on them.

Feb 23, 2011
no title
by: strawberryshortcake

i have a little comment to make..
since there is no flour, or butter or any of that stuff, wouldn't it just become a sticky mess?

Jan 17, 2011
Truly Best
by: Anonymous

One of the easiest and really tasty recipe.

Dec 14, 2010
by: andrieta

wow... i will be really needing this recipe cause i am gonna open a girls scout camp at my home so i really need some cookie selling and this is just the right type of cookie i need.... thanks

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