Beast On Bread (B.O.B)

by Chad & Dylan
(Harriman, Tennessee, United States)

Me and my friend were really bored so we decided to go to the kitchen and we wanted to make something we decided that a new type of peanut butter and jelly sandwich sounds good! So we made it and when we tasted it...surprisingly it was the best sandwich we have ever had:). Try it for Halloween.

2 pieces of bread
peanut butter
blackberry jam
grape jelly
chocolate syrup
whipped cream
chocolate chips
orange and white sprinkles

Get the two pieces of bread, lay them side by side on the plate. Spread peanut butter on one piece of bread. On the other piece, spread blackberry jam.

Then on the first piece of bread spread the grape jelly. Put syrup on second piece of bread (not too much).

On the first piece again put the chocolate syrup (not too much) then whipped cream on same piece of bread, then sprinkle some chocolate chips and orange and white sprinkles!

Photo coming soon.

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