Banana Milk Puppy Dish

by Elise Finney
(Bangkok, Thailand)

This healthy dish in particular is for 2-4 month old puppy dogs whose teeth have just started forming.


1 cup of MILK - At this stage, your pup will be sensitive so make sure the milk is allergy sensitive (they sell these in cans at most pet stores)

1/2 a BANANA - Banana, as gross as it seems with milk, will not make your dog sick. Science has proven puppies need to have potassium for energy, necessary for a growing pup.


Put about a cup of milk per serving in your dog's bowl.

Next, separately mash 1/2 a banana well (as if mashing mashed potatoes). Separate into pieces, getting rid of stringy pieces. Combine the two ingredients, mix and serve.

Your pup should eat the dish and be filled.

* This is for Medium sized breeds. For smaller dogs, half the recipe, for bigger dogs, use a full banana.

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Dec 19, 2010
In answer to previous question
by: inventor for this dish

If your dog is over 4 months, it is fine to give him whole milk, if he's not allergic! I'm sure he'll like it much more, but for little pups (1-2 months), it's only good to feed them mother's milk or formulated dog milk! :)

Dec 09, 2010
Can i use...
by: Ashlee

Can i use regular whole milk because im 10 i have a little puppy named Max he eats ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!!! and at this point i wanted to use regular milk i was wanting to know if he would get sick?

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