Absolutely Amazing Hamster Sticky Sticks

by Shanice

Great recipe for hamsters and gerbils.


1 Spoonful of peanut butter
1/2 An apple
1/2 Piece of bread
Popsicle stick


First roll the popsicle stick in peanut butter. Then cut up really tiny pieces of apple and roll the popsicle stick in the apple. Then crumble up the bread (over a plate!!!) so you should have lots of bread crumbs. Now sprinkle the bread crumbs over the popsicle stick.

Now surprise your hamster/gerbil by putting the tasty sticky treat in their food dish!

Hope they enjoy! Be careful, your hamster can choke on peanut butter! But most hamsters are fine with peanut butter. Also, make sure the popsicle stick isn't too small, or your hamster could consume the WHOLE THING!!! My hamster did that!!! :D So monitor your hamster when eating this treat. Only once per week.

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