A Christmas Treaty

by Kathy Do
(Vancouver B.C)

I first thought of a Christmas treaty when I first heard of Graham crackers and ice cream. I make it every year when it's Christmas to remember my old years as a toddler and a little kid. My grandma had taught me Graham crackers and ice cream. Apparently,it was my favorite thing to eat while I was a kid. I was first introduced to candy when I first went trick-or-treating. Now I collect candy every year and make it differently. But nothing is the same as making it at Christmas.

How to make a Christmas Treaty


Caramilk chocolate
Candies of your choice (M&M's, Crispy Crunch, etc.)
Graham crackers
Ice cream of your choice

To make a Christmas Treaty, first get some chocolate. Caramilk is the best for this recipe. Take out a glass plate and and melt the Caramilk chocolate for 15 seconds in the microwave. While that is happening, you can take out some candies (for example M&M's and Crispy Crunch). Then, you can take some sprinkles and put that on a plate. Then take out the melted chocolate. After that, take out some Graham crackers and spread the melted chocolate on it. Finally, take out some ice cream and spread some on the Graham crackers. Take another Graham cracker and now spread the ice cream over the Graham cracker. Last, put the sprinkles and candies on the side with the spread ice cream on it. Smoosh it together and you got a wonderful, delicious, mouthwatering Christmas Treaty.

If you make it for a party,like a birthday party, I recommend you let the people who come over make it. Then you could make a big stack of them at Christmas and make a Treaty House out of them. Take some icing and spread it all over like when you would make a gingerbread house.

Have a Treaty Christmas!!

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Dec 14, 2009
looks good
by: i love cake

this looks yum!!! could you put a pic???

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