December 22, 2010
Issue #031

1. Merry Christmas!
2. Christmas Cookie Recipe Contest Winners
3. Thanksgiving Recipe Contest Winner: Pecan Pie

1. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

This Christmas season has been one of fun, excitement, and anticipation. My kids and I have spent some quality time together preparing for the holiday. We've especially enjoyed spending time in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies and other goodies. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas spending time with your family and loved ones!

You can even make some Christmas craft recipes.

2. Christmas Cookie Recipes

This year's Christmas recipe contest was all about Christmas cookies. We had some absolutely amazing cookie recipes submitted. Here are the winners (I hope you'll try out your favorites) -

First Place: Zucchini Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Second Place: Snow-Covered Chocolate Mint Cracked Cookies
Third Place: Almond Nut Cookies
Fourth Place: Holiday Sugar Cookies

And these awesome recipes received Honorable Mention:
Rudolph's Tasty Treats (make cookies for Santa's reindeer)
Lily's Festive Three C's Cookies
Marshmallow Bombs

Be sure and check out all the Christmas cookie recipes from this year's contest.

3. Thanksgiving Recipe Contest Winner

In case you didn't have a chance to try out the winning Thanksgiving recipe, you must have a look at Shyla's Pecan Pie recipe.

If you're looking for a great pie recipe, this yummy pecan pie is just the one to make for Christmas!

Have a Happy Holiday and Happy Kid Cooking!

Clarissa the Mom Chef
Easy Kids Recipes

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