Blood and Guts Dessert

by Rachel Upton
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

BLOOD AND GUTS Halloween dessert

BLOOD AND GUTS Halloween dessert

Make BLOOD AND GUTS for a super gross Halloween dessert.

1 Can of Strawberries
Raspberry and Blackberry Gummy Fruit Strings (sold in the supermarket aisle with Fruit Rollups)
1/2 Can of Grapes
Some Blueberries
Some Raspberries
Ice Cream Topping Raspberry Sauce
Red or Purple Gelatin

Crush the canned strawberries with a fork until stringy and squishy looking. Add some squashed raspberries (guts).

Push the blueberries into the ends of the grapes (make eyeballs), add them to the guts. Put in some lengths of fruit strings (veins). Add blobs of gelatin. Mix gently.

Then chill until the veins swell slightly. Then squirt raspberry ice cream sauce gently through (blood) before serving.

Best to make in the serving bowl, so not to over mix.

EXTRA GROSS.........

Good served with Witches Wee's (home made apple juice -made in a juicer, but not perfectly clear)!

I have also made Blood and Guts drink - just add ingredients (without the sauce) to Raspberry drink.

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by: Donald

Your weird dessert was gross but tasty, the halloween party was fun. Great job.

the eyeballs almost put us off
by: eyeballs ugh

The eyeballs are really real looking, but delicious. You may have to close your eyes to eat this dessert treat

so simple
by: Anonymous

Hey, I'm really impressed I can't cook, but I put this together and my friends were really impressed

by: soo good

I'll be making some of this very soon

the blood part is the best
by: Jess

We loved this at our halloween party and can't wait to have some more

gutsy but good
by: Izzy

You have to shut your eyes to eat it sometimes, but I love the lollies

Yum yum lollies and fruit
by: Charlie

Very yummy and delicious, make me some more soon

A Healthy Treat?
by: Sister-In-law

This sounds like it's be the healthy and fun! - What a winner!!!!

It's a winner!!!
by: English friend

This looks so good - I think it's be a fantastic addition to any Halloween party.

gooey and fruity
by: Jillybean


it's so bright and gory
by: bright one

gory and bloody

gusty with gusto!!!
by: Berty

love it

Fresh and Fruity
by: Ashley

This is a delightful and refreshing change from all the candy based ideas - very effective but tasty too

delicious and very cool looking
by: John

delicious and very cool looking

by: bob

very bloody - it's great

red and gross
by: litl' me

love it - it's very effective and bright on the table

fruity and spooky
by: Anonymous

yum yum

Scrumptiously scary
by: J in UK

Its really disgusting to look at, but the kids will adore it. Well done

simple yummy
by: Anonymous

This yummy dessert will be top hit for the scary kids on halloween night i promise you that

Really horrible but delicious
by: Big sister

Fabulous for a goolish dessert on Halloween
thank you

Very effective
by: Bro

Looks really bloody and gutsy

lots of lollies
by: Nephew

Lots of lollies so it's got to be good....

This was the best thing at our Halloween Party last year!
by: niece

Best dish from Aunty R

it's gutsy - it's gooey - it's good
by: Anonymous

love it

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