October 26, 2009
Issue #022

1. Healthy Halloween Tips
2. Halloween Recipe Contest
3. New Site Blog and RSS Feed

1. Healthy Halloween Tips

One of the trickiest part of trick-or-treat night for parents is making sure your kids have a healthy Halloween experience. Is this possible when all your kids can think about is getting their costumes on and filling their bags with loads of candy? The answer is yes, but it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve for Halloween night.

Spooky slurps – Start out right; while your kids are getting ready in the afternoon, provide a healthy drink such as hot chocolate with orange marshmallows or an orange sherbet smoothie.

Hearty and healthy – A healthy meal is a must on Halloween night. Even though your kids are excited and the butterflies in the tummy mean they don’t feel like eating a meal, dinner before trick or treat is a must. Make a wholesome meal that is easy to eat. Serve healthy sandwiches on whole-wheat buns or make a hearty casserole the night before, bake on the day and serve hot. Be prepared for kids to eat a smaller than usual dinner – that’s okay as long as they get a healthy, hearty meal.

Creepy cuisine – One way to get kids to eat dinner is to give fun or creepy Halloween names to their food. By being a little creative, you can make your hearty meal more appealing and build up the excitement for the evening. For example, name your honey and soy sauce chicken wings "bat wings" or your spaghetti and meatballs "blood and guts with eyeballs." This will really get kids in the mood for Halloween night.

Terrific treats – Turn the focus of Halloween away from pre-packaged, processed sugar-loaded junk food by making homemade treats. There are so many non-sweet treats that are spicy and savory and contrast well with the sweets. Popcorn, mixed nuts, toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, soy crisps, whole-wheat crackers, dips, cheese balls, fish crackers, and pretzels are just a few ideas. Go to a party or host a party that is candy-free. There are so many wonderful homemade treats that kids will love.

Candy control – It is Halloween after all, so allow your kids to splurge a little on the night. As long as they’ve had a solid meal, let them eat a few pieces of candy and sweet treats within reason. Get an airtight container for each child to store the rest of the candy. This container can be stored high up in a cupboard out of the reach of little hands. Ration out the candy to one piece of candy or a few small candies per day and serve with a glass of milk and a slice of fruit.

With a little imagination and a plan, you really can have a healthy Halloween.

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2. Halloween Recipe Contest

Don't forget to send in your recipes (and a photo) for the Easy Kids Recipes 2009 Halloween Recipe Contest. There are great prizes to be won!

For more details about the contest click here now - and scroll down to the bottom of the contest page to see some of the awesome recipes already submitted. You can rate the recipes and make a comment, too.

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Happy Halloween and Happy Kid Cooking!

Clarissa the Mom Chef
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