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I apologize for not sending out an August newsletter. Let me update you with what's been happening with me. As you may know, my family moved to South Florida early this year. We had planned to move Down Under to Australia in early September. My husband is an Aussie and we lived in Australia for six years, then we lived in the States for three years.

Well, Hurricane Frances was headed for Florida about the time we were due to fly to Australia. As soon as a hurricane warning was issued we spent the next 24 hours planning to leave Florida earlier than originally scheduled. After a lot of work, we made it to Miami and flew on to California and arrived in Sydney 33 hours later. With four young children, it was a long journey Our hearts go out to all those in Florida and elsewhere who have experienced the ravages of these hurricanes and tropical storms.

I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter!

September 28, 2004
Issue #008

*******Table of Contents:*******

1. Down Under Delights
2. Kid Recipe Book Idea
3. Easy Cooking Shop
4. Share your Halloween recipes


1. Down Under Delights

Now that we're living in Oz again I thought I'd share some of my favorite uniquely Australian recipes.

Easy Aussie Snacks

My favorite quick and easy breakfast recipe is so simple. You toast your bread, open up a can of baked beans or spaghetti, and pour over your toast. Kids love it.

Australians call children "little vegemites". Since Australians created vegemite, you can imagine they spread this B vitamin rich yeast extract spread over everything. It's a healthy treat for kids. My kids find it a little salty so I make vegemite and banana slice sandwiches. The banana adds the sweetness to counter the salty taste of the vegemite. Outside of Australia you can find the "Vegemite" or "Marmite" brands in specialty grocery stores.

Best Aussie Dessert: The Lamington

A lamington is a uniquely Australian dessert that my kids are crazy about. It's a sponge cake covered with gooey chocolate icing and shredded coconut. Lamingtons were supposedly invented by an Australian Governor's kitchen staff who wanted to find a creative way to use stale sponge cake. To make perfect Lamingtons, you don't need stale sponge cake, but it is best not to use fresh cake either because it's too crumbly. So if you've never had a lamington...follow this easy recipe and you'll be hooked like we are.


Sponge cake
2 cups powdered sugar
4 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 stick butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
Warm water
2 cups finely shredded coconut

Sift powdered sugar and cocoa into a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, melt butter then add vanilla and beat into the sugar and cocoa mixture. Beat well and add a little warm water to make the icing sticky and not runny. Then take an ordinary sponge cake and cut into 4 inch squares. Next pour the coconut into a shallow tray. Take one lamington at a time and dip in the chocolate icing, then roll in the shredded coconut while the icing is still moist. Place lamingtons on a wire rack and let icing harden.

Kids will have a lot of fun making and eating lamingtons - the chocolate sticky mess is part of the fun!

2. Create Memories with Kid Recipe Book

Cyndi Johnston has written an excellent article about how she made a beautiful memory recipe book for her granddaughter, Haley, last Christmas. If you've ever wanted to make a book like this as a gift, read her article. You can start making your own recipe book for Christmas now.

3. Easy Cooking Shop

Easy Kids Recipes has set up a shop. I am carefully selecting high quality, easy cooking products especially for kids or that can help parents and care givers with cooking for kids and for the whole family. Shop now for Christmas. Check out our unique kid cooking kits.

Special Offer
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Easy Kids Recipes is also offering these great products through our partners:

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I'll be adding new products all the time so keep checking back!

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4. Submit your favorite Halloween recipes - Win a Holiday Cookbook

Send in your favorite Halloween recipes (spooky food ideas or just fun and yummy recipes) and you could win a beautiful holiday cookbook. Submit your recipe here.

Happy Kid Cooking!

Clarissa, mom chef
Easy Kids Recipes


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