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This is the first Easy Kids Recipes Newsletter for 2004. After a move from Texas to Florida with four kids, I am finally getting settled in to life in South Florida. My monthly newsletter is now back on track.

After the passing away of two members of my extended family and some family illnesses, I am also very thankful for family this spring time and hope this finds you and your loved ones doing well.

Remember that there's no better way for parents and kids to have fun than by cooking together and sharing time enjoying a meal as a family.


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April 9, 2004
Issue #005

*******Table of Contents:*******

1. Easy Easter Recipes
2. Pet Treats for Our Animal Friends


1. Here are some favorite family recipes:

Baked Ham

6 pound boneless ham
whole cloves
1 cup orange juice
2 tablespoons brown sugar
pineapple rings
maraschino cherries

Take a fully cooked boneless ham and cut diamond shapes across ham. Place whole cloves in ham. Mix orange juice and brown sugar and pour over ham. Bake at 325F degrees for 1 1/2 hours. Place pineapple rings and cherries in ham using toothpicks. Tastes delicious and looks beautiful.

Stuffed Eggs

12 hard boiled eggs
sweet pickle juice

Boil a dozen eggs and cool. Peel eggs carefully. Cut eggs in half. Take out the egg yolks and place in a bowl. Mash egg yolks and add a spoonful or two of mayonaise and a little sweet pickle juice. Stir and fill the egg whites.

Grasshopper Salad

1 box pistachio pudding
1 small can crushed pineapple
1 cup pecans, chopped
1 cup marshmallows
1 container Cool Whip

Mix all ingredients together and cool in fridge overnight.

Spring Cup Cakes

1 box chocolate cake mix
1 bag shredded coconut
green food coloring
jelly beans

Mix chocolate cake mix according to box instructions to make cup cakes. Top with chocolate or vanilla frosting. In a bowl, add green food coloring to shredded coconut to make grass. Cover the cup cakes with the grass and place jelly beans on top for the eggs.

2. Recipes for Our Animal Friends

Tina e-mailed me to say that cats shouldn't eat tuna since it doesn't allow their bodies to absorb the vitamins they need such as Vitamin B. I did some research and Tina is absolutely right. So I've taken the tuna recipes off of the website.

Here's an alternative recipe that Tina wanted to share (thanks, Tina!):

Minnie's Morsels for Mature Cats

1 can sardines, packed in olive oil
1 cup whole grain bread crumbs
1 egg , beaten
1/2 teaspoon brewer's yeast (optional)

Pour contents of sardines in a medium bowl. Using a fork, mash into tiny pieces. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Drop 1/4 teaspoon of mixture onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake 7 minutes in a 325F oven. Store in air tight container.

This recipe was sent in by 13 year old Jennie who recently got a pet hamster:

Hamster Treats

1/4 a teaspoon of peanut butter
1 box plain Cheerios cereal
variety of vegtables such as carrots, celery, bok choy
small dog biscuit or stale or fresh bread
bird seeds and sunflower seeds
small amount of cheese

Spread peanut butter on dog biscuit, stale or fresh bread. Stick cereal on top and press in some of you hamster's favorite small foods such as bird seeds or sunflower seeds. Next, press in vegetables around the Cheerios. Press cheese around the vegetables to cover. Have fun hiding the treat where your hamster has to climb to get it.

Rabbit Food

carrot sticks

If you get a bunny rabbit for Easter, carrot sticks and lettuce are usually a rabbit's favorite treat. How's that for easy!

Feel free to send in your ideas for your pet's favorite recipes.

Happy Spring Time and Happy Kid Cooking!

Clarissa, mom chef
Easy Kids Recipes